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making of the uninfected

Direction, cinematography and editing: Sebastian & William Rosso
Cast: William Rosso, Tiborg Gödelberg, Rickard Arvidsson, Axel Arvidsson, Karl Svensson,
Jacob Arvidsson, Jesper Rundberg, Otto Arvidsson, Massimo Rosso & Jon Arvidsson.

Special thanks: Reaktor Sydost, Studieförbundet Bilda, Åke & Sven-Arne Karlsson, Brogärdet, 
Göte Arvidsson, Martin Klevegård, Anna Larsson.

vfx breakdown

Before zombie-films were literally everywhere, we had an idea to make a low-key, human focused zombie film, inspired by the videogame Day Z. Our vision doesn't contain any running from flesh hunting crowds or gory body dismembered scenes.

The short film is a scene from a longer feature we've been writing. In this story, we follow our protagonist whom returns to his former residence, where he'd previously been accused of being infected and kicked out.

But as his former home is nearing, he's not excepting the young generation being the new leaders of the territory.

In the summer of 2012. With shooting dates approaching, the movie suffered a backlash: One of the main actors dropped out of production days before the actual shoot.


Re-cast had to be done, fast, and a local was willing to help out to portray the elderly man. That made the whole cast actual residents of the production location. None of them having any acting experience.

 Some kids whose parents allowed them to be cast in our film...

The film was shot on a HVX200 with the Letus Extreme 35mm adapter, which allowed us to use optics on the camera.

A GoPro was also used in a few shots.

The post production phase consisted mostly of digital make-up effects on zombies, adding elements like flames, smoke and blood to original plates + clean-up.


We also had to digitally revive our 300$ worth of car used in the film, as it completly died one week before shooting.

This by adding smoke, CGI headlights and the engine sound.

The actual burning of the car was real, merely enhanced by CGI.

This scene was shot in a controlled environment, under supervision...

Dialogs where recorded on the zoom h4n.

Most of the sound effects were added in post, including ambiance & footsteps.


To make the explosions and gun shots, we mixed sound from real guns with fireworks shot on location, to get a proper environmental echoe.

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