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making of pandemic

episode 1

episode 2

Direction, cinematography and editing: Sebastian & William Rosso
Cast: Tiborg Gödelberg, Alex Shakov, William Rosso, Johan Kinnander, Otto Arvidsson, Jon Arvidsson, Arjiana Kapic.
3D: Sebastian Rosso. Special thanks: Reaktor Sydost, Göran Enfast, Christina Melander, Niklas Skagerlind, Carole Lapierre.

Back in 2009 we set out to create our first short film. Before shooting the actual film, we spent a lot of time pre planning, with storyboards followed by test footage:

Every scene was tested in advance. We basically shot this movie twice.

Shooting locations were spread out around Småland. The church is located in Järnforsen and they were kind enough to let us use it.

*as long as we didn't shoot anything satanic... guns were fine.

The snake in the graveyard, a swedish viper, was actually real.

Budget was 300$, which mostly went on props. HVX200 was used as main camera and a Canon HV30 as second cam.

A test of a 3d helicopter fly-by we made prior to Pandemic:

All sounds were added in post-production, so we could filter all the daily buzz (cars, planes, lawnmowers etc…)

that would have ruined the post-apocalyptic atmosphere.


Dialogues were recorded at Swedish Radio in Kalmar. Music was composed by Alex Shakov,

mixed with prescores for the action sequences.

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