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making of the kidding

written by: Sebastian  & william Rosso & Johan kinnander
Direction, cinematography and editing: Sebastian  & william Rosso music: johan kinnander
Cast: victoria rosso, martin roswall & johan kinnander 

This was a 48hrs film challenge, from idea to final render.

The first evening we sat down, the three of us, and started spitballing ideas & location scouting to get us started on a script.


Some frames from alternative ideas

In the end we only found ourselves coming up with complex scripts, involving a lot of backstory and so on, which essientially would not fit in in our "max 2min of lenght" film. So that evening we decided to round up the evening with the conclusion:

It would to become a very basic horror short, meaning fast introduction to an ordinary character which then get haunted by a demon...

In the morning we woke up and decided to shoot the film in the barn. We wrote the story as we walked around the environment. 

With our BMCC in hand, we started to set up various angles. 

At this location, we were unable to ship any professional lights in time, and were therefore forced to use available lights,

meaning 2 worklights and simple cellphone flashlights. 

As for the demon, we used a simple hat which we stuffed with hay. In terms of VFX, the whole face was then replaced. 

In order to get tracking reference, we cut out some reflexes and stuck them on the demos face (played by Johan Kinnander).



It was a long and tiresome night, so bloopers were bound to happen...

Day 2 was mostly spent by editing/VFX and recording sounds. Some remaining footage was also shot. 

Zoom H6 for sounds.

Rain effect created with a simple watering hose.

Temporary editing room.

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